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Hello, everyone!

My name is Modestas and I am a fan of Cable-stayed bridges. Everything started with my studies at Vilnius Gediminas technical University in capital city of Lithuania. I always imagined myself as some kind of architect or construction engineer who will build some residential houses. But after first year in university I understood that my dreams are slightly different. I started thinking about big difficult structures like skyscrapers, shopping centers, etc. And yet... That wasn't the end. Third year was the moment where we had to choose our specialty in civil engineering - materials science, constructions or special buildings and bridges. This was the moment when everything became clear. I loved TV shows about constructions of some mega-structures. And most of those were bridges like Millau viaduct, Rio-Antirrio bridge, Vasco da Gama bridge, Sunniberg Bridge, London Millenium bridge and many others. For me it was amazing how such a lightweight and slender structure can hold such huge loads and impacts like earthquakes, tsunamis, storms. It soon became clear to me, that bridges is my passion and I am all about them. This is where my story begins.

London Millau pedestrian bridge

Later on I concentrated on cable-stayed bridges as this structure is my ideal of strength and aesthetics. I focused all my attention to the most common problems of this type of bridges and at the moment my knowledge of cable stays is way ahead of any other bridge structure. After 10 years of studies of civil engineering I decided to put my knowledge, my passion, my remarks, my theories and my scientific work to the blog, which, I really really hope, would be interesting for the people like me - bridge engineers, students, civil engineering fans and curious people, who want to make the world a better place.

I invite you to join our trip through the universe of bridge engineering, I invite you to join our new community of people, willing to share their knowledge and experiences. I invite you to create innovations, solve equations and make some new connections. I hope this blog can become a fruit of our combined work. You can find here not only blog, but also forum, where I invite you to join or create your own discussion. Let's spread the love for bridges and engineering!

Idea of this bridge engineering blog came from two sides. First of all I am PhD student finishing my thesis. Only one year left I need a new spark, something that would push me into the world of the bridges. I want to share my work, innovations and problems, I want to work together with you to find difficult solutions, to try new methods, to get new, fresh ideas. All that took me to the search of something like this blog and, sadly, I found nothing. There are good portals about bridge engineering news, there amazing places for engineering specific content, but there is nothing about passion and inspiration, there is nothing about willingness to become better, to grow as an engineer and as a person. And that was second reason why I decided to start this blog/forum. And if you are reading this page now, I think, you found a place you was looking for. A place for bridge engineers to share not only their works, experience and problems, but also to find friends, common ideas, persons, who are just like you!

I guess that's it for the first time... I am waiting for you all to join and to create a friendly engineering community. You will find a new post once a week, you can also find us in social networks like facebook, linkedin, istagram, pinterest, twitter and tumblr. Don't hesitate to be active in the forum and see you soon!

- Yours, The Cable Stayed

Vanšu tilts, Riga, Latvia

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